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What HR Should Consider in Their Relocation Strategy

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It comes to no surprise that HR should consider relocation strategy of their employees in order to keep talent inside their company or even to hire the best talent out there. But when offering a relocation package to an employee, one should aspects such as pay adjustments, buying and selling houses and moving whole family and houses abroad. Here’s an overview of what an HR specialist should think of when building a relocation package for an employee.

Bonuses and Pay Adjustments

This point comes first as its usually the tipping point for convincing employees in making an international move to work for a company. The health of the job market and the opportunity to grow inside the company while being abroad represents a very important package to consider. On top of that, cost-of-living should also be considered in the pay adjustments to avoid losing your talent to nearby competition.

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Housing Location

Providing an optimal location for your employee is also necessary. Not only should the work proximity be considered but also nearby amenities. These amenities include things like school location for the kids, local services and daily life. Speaking of housing, when moving an employee abroad, a valuable moving package should be considered as well.

Moving Expenses of International Relocation

Going through the process of an international move is not a small task as it requires time and organisation. For many employees, this might come off as a package. Especially if they have a whole family and pets to move. Companies will usually work with relocation specialists that can offer a turn key solution to complete those moves. Keeping in mind that moving a whole house can take two to three months due to cargo being shipped abroad, HR should plan ahead with the employee to avoid leaving him in an empty house.

Family Support For Global Relocation

When moving an employee with the whole family, HR should consider also the needs of the family and how they will be supported thought the process. Such needs include helping the spouse find a new job, helping the kids getting in school and even getting cultural classes to adapt to the new location. A full relocation package done by an HR specialist should include a comprehensive program for spousal assistance and policies that give the employee enough time off to help move the kids in their new school.

Communication During International Move

This should not come as a surprise as communication is one of the key elements of a relocation strategy for HR. It means offering a detailed list of how the company covers the employee through the process and balance the needs of the employee and their value to the company. Poor communication can end up failing the relocation down to the last minute and create unbearable stress for the employee and the family in a situation that can already prove to be quite stressful.

It’s important to communicate to the employee what he’s entitled to and the services to which he has access beyond a simple pay upgrade. Show your talent that the process is well organized and demands little of the employee so he can keep focusing on what he does best might be your best strategy to get them going through the whole process.

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Payback Clauses for Relocation Package

Organisation now include more often then what not payback clauses if the employee leaves shortly after the move. This is meant to protect the company from the major investment they just made. Under a payback clause, the employee agrees to payback the company all or part of the employer expenses for the transfer if the employee leaves within a specific period of time. (usually a year) Although some companies chose not to use such clauses fearing it my scare the employee from making the move in the first place, this is left to the company culture.

In conclusion, a comprehensive relocation package for the HR specialist must consider a lot more than the upgraded pay. If human resources consider the family needs and employees value, they will build a complete package to make sure the employee has little to no questions during the move as everything has be covered.

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