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Good privacy is good business. Good privacy practices are a key part of corporate governance and accountability. One of today’s key business imperatives is maintaining the privacy of personal information. As business systems and processes become increasingly complex and sophisticated, organizations are collecting growing amounts of personal information. As a result, personal information is vulnerable to a variety of risks, including loss, misuse, unauthorized access, and unauthorized disclosure.

CIM is trying to strike a balance between the proper collection and use of our customers’ personal information and has drafted this policy in compliance with FIDI’s requirement.



The privacy of our customers is an important subject. We do not ask for information that is irrelevant or not needed for the services that we provide. The information is only used for the purposes of performing the household removals and shared only with those authorities, bodies and agencies that require this information to perform the household removals. The information contains:

  • Name
  • Passport number
  • Work permit number
  • Residence permit number
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Delivery and Mailing address
  • Any other information relating to any individual which client have provided us in any forms client may have submitted to us, or via other form of interaction with client.

Our employees must be in compliance with the local privacy laws and this policy. Sanctions may apply if this policy is not adhered to. Accountability would be with Harriet Liu in the event of any breach of policy or violations.



CIM aims to use customer’s personal information to provide transportation services, packing and storage of household goods and to inform customer of changes and/or notify of the process, and may provide customer information to third party in the supply chain, which are related in providing local/international moving service, pet relocation, warehousing, which include administrative, operational and commercial activities resulting from such services.



In order to personally identify the customer, CIM asks for information such as name, occupation, address, telephone number and email address. Customer’s personal data may be collected personally and confidentially when customer gives this information by mail with a disclaimer notice or by phone or during pre-move survey.

In order to provide customer with quality services, we request information such as volume and weight of the shipment, inventories, address of collection and destination, dates and places of storage.

To comply with legal regulations during the move, we may ask for copies of passport and visas, work permit, residence permit, foreign expert certificate, press card, diplomatic ID, customs documents, import insurance policies, etc.

All these information that our customers will give to us are collected, used, retained, and disclosed confidentially in all our supply chain with our providers such as freight forwarders and subcontractors.



Personal information is only collected for the purpose outlined in the notice



Data will only be used during the activity of the move. Archived data will be stored in our server for reference purpose for a period of 5 years after which the data is deleted and any hard copies disposed of through secure shredding.



All individuals hiring CIM services have the right to access, change, rectify and cancel their personal data. For these purposes, individuals can contact our employee whom is assigned to take care of their moves via email, phone call or by paying personal visit to our office.



CIM agrees not to use or disclose without implicit or explicit consent of customers, personal information to third parties for any purpose other than the purpose outlined in the notice.



CIM also undertakes to protect personal information against unauthorized access and to make all reasonable efforts to maintain the security of confidential information as follows:

All personal information collected by CIM is stored on a secure server, password protected to stop any unauthorized access from outside the company.

CIM never uses cookies or other tools that automatically collect the information.

All paper documents containing customers’ personal information must be kept in the relevant move files in the company office or company’s warehouse. It is prohibited to have these documents spread anywhere randomly.

All paper files for the move in process must be kept in the office and not be disclosed to the irrelative parties.

Office and warehouse premises where move documents are stored are limited by locked entry during off-work hours.

Wasted paper documents recording customers’ personal information must be securely shredded prior to disposal.



CIM shall maintain accurate, complete and relevant personal information that it provides services.



All people hiring CIM services have the right to access, change, rectify and cancel their personal data and to oppose or revoke their consent for that purpose given. We will ensure the proper identity of the applicant.



Inside its company, CIM trains and informs all staffs through its code of conduct, of the care and how to protect the personal data requested depending on the service provided.

All CIM staffs are responsible to report to the management level if any breach of the privacy policy is found.

This privacy policy will be communicated to CIM service providers in the supply chain.

This privacy policy will be reviewed once in a year.