Located at intersection of Tianjin express-way and Southeast 5th ring Road, Beijing CIM 's multiple function storage facility and distribution center is sure the best choice for your household goods shipment or your company's commercial goods shipment. CIM's modern warehouse facility and professional stock management will reduce your logistics cost, make the delivery and distribution services more efficient. First class insurance policy protects your goods while being stored. We cannot eliminate all the risks, but we can give you complete peace of mind, with our total storage packages.



Our modern storage facility offers the safest environment for your possessions that we are able to provide.

Storage equipment:

  • Rack system suitable for standard commodity
  • Professional Loading and unloading equipment for machinery
  • Sealed big wooden crate good for personal and household items
  • Separated storage place for archive management

Storage service includes :

Warehouse storage service, stock management, pick up, packing, simple process, label, simple testing, import and export clearance brokerage, stock management for supplier, import and export transportation, distribution etc...For any storage request, please contact