2018-05-20 : ATTENTION


The  U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control issued new guidelines for importing dogs for adoption or commercial purpose. Under the Animal Welfare Act regulations, all pet dogs importing to USA for adoption or resale purpose must come with an import permit.


To  import a dog into the U.S. for resale purposes, the animal must be:

  • in good health;
  • vaccinated for rabies and distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza virus (DHLPP);
  • at least 6 months of age;


Specific paperwork must accompany the dog on its trip to the U.S. This includes:

  • a health certificate and rabies vaccination certificate, issued in English by a veterinarian with a valid license to practice veterinary medicine in the county of export; and
  • animport permit issued by APHIS.


For additional information, just get in touch with our team
     by email at 
    or give us a camatchll at +861087625110-806

2018-05-19 : British Airways Announces Summer Pet Embargo

British Airways Announces Summer Pet Embargo

Summer being around the corner, some airlines will start announcing their embargo and schedules for pet traveling and live animal cargo. Just like British Airways did last weekend. What does that mean for you? If you plan to move out soon, you need to always keep in mind the following dates for your pets, or else your fluffy buddy will be alone for a long while and no one wants that, especially us, the British Airways authorized pet relocation agent –Call Continental International Moving for more information. And if British Airways can't accept your pet, we'll find other routes for you.

Why are there always embargos such as these?

The temperature plays a huge role here. To avoid any cases of overheating or cold for the pets and animals, these are announced by the airlines to protect the animals. The same way you wouldn't leave your pet in a car on a hot day, airlines avoid letting the pets stay too long out while doing their check into the cargo bay. This is only for pets in the cargo compartment and not the ones you bring onboard. Unfortunately, all pets traveling from China to UK require to be put in the cargo. So keep that in mind. 

For that reason, we’ll keep you posted on such events.

Current British Airways Summer Embargo 2018
British Airways Beijing announced a summer embargo for the months JUNE, JULY and AUGUST
They also already announced the winter embargo for the months of DECEMBER, JANUARY and FEBRUARY.

British Airways Cargo is managed by IAG Cargo, their sister company. Although you can get your animal booked up to 14 days in advance, it's important to know that it will take up to 4 months to prepare your pet move to UK or EU countries But don't worry, CIM can help you relocate your pet through other routes to make sure he gets back to you safely. It is never too late or too early to prepare you pet relocation! 

For all inquiries, you still need to go through a relocation company such as Continental International Moving, the experts in the field. We will help you organize everything. 

Just get in touch with our team by email at or give us a call at +86.10.8762.5110-806!

The CIM Team


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2018-05-18 : United Airlines Accepts Cats and Dogs Again!

United Airlines Accepts Cats and Dogs Again!

United Airlines hasrecently updated their PetSafe Program guidelines for sending your furry friend across the ocean. If you are planning to move soon and bring your pet with you, you should take some time and read through these rules and regulations that might apply to your pet. If you don’t have a pet, but plan to have one soon, this information might prove very useful if you plan to move at any time in the future.

United has announced their plan to resume their booking and transport for cats and dogs via PetSafe over the summer. The new and revised policies they will implement will improve the safety of pets and their travel experience. But take note that their policies affect the breeds they accept, reservation timeframe, maximum number of connecting flights, crate size, etc. Additionally, and this one is the most important, United accepts bookings ONLY from IPATA members please call Continental International Moving 010-87625110-806.

Here’s everything you need to know, in a nutshell. These will be effective as of June 18th 2018.

What pets can I bring?
United Airlines allows only for cats and dogs. No other household pet or animal is accepted.

When should I make a reservation?
Allow reservations beginning June 18, 2018 for pets traveling on the same flight as their pet parent or guardian beginning July 9, 2018.
Allow reservations beginning July 16, 2018 for pets traveling alone for travel beginning July 30, 2018.

What breeds are NOT accepted for cats and dogs?
Here are some examples of dogs and cats that are NOT accepted.

American Pit Bull Terrier/Pit Bull
Boston Terrier
Chow Chow
Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel
Tibetan Mastiff
Tosa/Tosa Inu/Japanese Mastiff/JapaneseTosa
Tibetan Spaniel

Exotic Shorthair

There are many elements you will need to consider when shipping a pet abroad, we don't make rules, we don't run airline, we can't control weather. But we are the experts in the field.

For additional information and inquiries, just get in touch with our team by email at or give us a call at +86.10.8762.5110!

The CIM Team

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2018-03-27 : Antique Wood Art Tour

Learning about local culture is one of the most interesting parts of expats?lives. Wood art is a cultural symbol that fascinates many expats in China.

Seeing so much interest, and the need to look for classic furniture, CIM organized an exclusive “Antique Wood Art Tour?for our customers on March 3rd. Attendants included a variety of embassy diplomats, expats working for international corporations and students studying in Beijing. The tour visited the Jingding Classic Wooden Art Factory near Shunyi, seeing all kinds of antique furniture collections: Tibetan, Shanxi lacquer, Ming and Qing antiques, Fujianese folk furniture, and exquisite paper-cut partition boards. We also learned the interesting stories behind each piece.

After staying in China, expats often want to bring souvenirs home for their private collections. As a professional international moving company, CIM helps our customers arrange relics inspection procedures, so they can enjoy their antique furniture at home.

If you are interested in joining our next tour, please feel free to contact us!

2017-12-18 : Pre-Christmas Apple Delivery

The charity,Children ofMadaifu,helps struggling children, and orphans in remote areas of Gansu province. Selling applesis a main way for the Children of Madaifu to fundraise.Since 2016 CIM hasdonated these key apples to Madaifu, delivering467 cases of apples this year alone.They have praised our delivery team ashighly professional, and even specially designed a card to express their appreciation. We at CIM hope to see moreand more peopleparticipating incharity events, forin helping others, we shall help ourselves.

2017-12-13 : Sales Seminar

On Nov. 30, 2017 and Dec. 1, 2017 in Berlin, CIM Continental International Moving Founder and General Manager Harriet Liu joined 41 Harmony Relocation Network members from 17 countries to take part in sales training seminars hosted by the Harmony head office. The conference themes addressed maximizing use of Harmony’s sales support, and application of the Harmony sales platform. Trainees were also introduced to advanced relocation-management software for corporate client HR departments. Participants found the training successful and eye opening. Sales managers probed serious topics, improving mutual understanding and ensuring better service to Harmony’s future clients.

2017-10-28 : CIM-SHANXI Fair Oct. 28, 2017

As one of the major sponsors, CIM International Mover, together with

The Tourism Development Committee of Shanxi Province, held one of our biggest and most import events this year on October 28th, “SHANXI Tourism Promotion Fair’’.

The goal of this event was to provide a new window for the expatriates who are living in china especially those living in the capital Beijing, to know more about the rich and profound Chinese traditional culture, through information about travel to some of the tourist sites with most Chinese characteristics, such as Shanxi Province.

There were over 300 guests attending the promotion fair, they are from over 36 countries including diplomats from Embassies in Beijing, officials working in International Organizations, foreign Chamber of Commerce members entrepreneurs, international media, international school experts &scholars etc.

On the event, all our guests had the chance to enjoy Shanxi traditional dance, sing, Jin opera, Taichi performed by Shanxi Folk artists. What’s more, you could even taste freshly-made Shanxi cuisine” knife-sliced noodles’’! Quite a few guests won handful of prizes including but not limited to free stay in 5 star hotels, free entrance tickets and train tickets to famous tourist sites in Shanxi etc. It was a great fair.


2017-07-03 : Customs Duty Exemption on used HHGS to France

The two main requirements for entering goods duty-free into France are as follows:

1. The shipper has to have lived outside of France for at least 12 months prior to arrival of his goods

2. France must be the primary residence

The easiest way to satisfy French authorities is for the shipper to obtain a change of residence certificate from the French consulate in the country of origin before leaving the country. Alternatively, if the shipper is moving for professional purposes, his employer can provide a document that needs to state period the shipper has lived outside of France and confirm that France will become the primary residence - this letter should be in French.

2017-06-18 : To:CIM Continental International Moving

2017-06-02 : News from Harmoney Relocation in Nigeria

Please find below important information we received regarding Import shipments into Nigeria:

CIM Continental International Moving received overnight information that all shipments into Nigeria needs to be liftvan packed or palletized.

This includes sea freight container shipments. The circular was dated 11th April 2017 and gives a 3 month grace period before the new rule becomes into effect.

CIM Continental International Moving expect enforcement of the new rules to commence on 11th July 2017. This enforcement is most probably going to effect the pricing to this area. Please feel free to get in touch CIM Mover at; should you have any shipment to this area.


2017-05-24 : IMPORTANT: Brazilian Customs Auditors-Collectors on indefinite strike

Please be informed that the Brazilian Customs Auditors-Collectors was on strike as of May 22nd. It is starting to affect the main ports and airports. Some customs units have already stopped their activities and others are working in slow operation but they may also stop at any time. If you are moving to Brazil recently, please feel free to contact CIM Continental Interantional Moving at 86 10 8762 5110 or

2017-05-17 : Letter to CIM from commonwealth society in beijing

Letter to CIM from commonwealth society in beijing

2017-04-07 : Move Managers Training (MMT), Amsterdam 28-29 March 2017

Move Managers Training (MMT)
Amsterdam 28-29 March 2017

The annual MMT held by Harmony Relocation Network in Amsterdam, the Netherland on Mar 28-29 is finished. Our Operational Manager Zhang Qing has participated in the MMT together with 37 Harmony member staffs from 20 countries this time.

The training is composed of following workshops:

Work shop 1: Dilemma, which aims to develop our competence in recognizing, and dealing with ethical issues in every day practice

Workshop 2: Relocation Policies, in which we have learned what relocation policies are in place; why are they so important; what is the role of a Move Manager in policy management and its exceptions.

Workshop 3: Working with a Relocation Management Company, lectured by Steve Lewis, Voerman Int. & Zoë Runegall, BGRS (formerly Brookfield). RMC’s are an important, and sometimes demanding customer. In this workshop, we have learned first-hand from an RMC, their expectations, way of working and how to better perform when working for an RMC directly, or as an origin/destination agent for another booker.

Workshop 4: Insurance & Claims, lectured by Maurice van Bijleveld, Harmony Relocation & Rene van Kranen, Overvliet Insurance. The theme includes:
- How to sell insurance
- Insurance, what does it mean for you and your company
- Terms and conditions / inclusions and exclusions
- Lump sum versus valued inventory
- How can we prevent or reduce claims, track causes, and settle claims more effectively?

It is a fruitful and successful training which helps us a lot in our business activities. Further, the boat tour on the canal of Amsterdam in the evening of Mar 28th has won high comment by all the participants.

2017-03-27 : CIM and Harmony Relocation

Continental International Moving (CIM) is proud to announce that we are part of the Harmony Relocation Network starting from this year!

Founded in year 1992, Harmony Relocation is known as the largest global network of relocation companies. Ever since its establishment, it has grown dramatically which now consists of over 140 members in 60 countries, serving 180 countries across 6 continents.

CIM like most of these local companies, uphold strong family values through generations of heritage and take pride in what we do.

Upon embarking CIM’s journey with Harmony Relocation, we aim to continue providing high quality services within the local and international community. As our clients remain a core importance to us, we strive to work closely with each customer as we believe in providing them with a smooth sailing relocation wherever they go.

2016-08-16 : CIM company tour to Baili valley & Shidu Scenic area

On August 13th and 14th, CIM chose Baili valley and Shidu scenic area which are famous summer resort as our company tour spot of year 2016.


We experienced exiting drafting.

There was “traffic jam” on the river, but it was fun!


The girls became sailors! Haha O(∩_∩)O~

The best thing to do on a raft is---take a selfie! ;-)

Look at our little sailor!

 Get a cool pose and …Don’t look down!!

2015-12-11 : Globy to make donations

Globy donate the money from selling pop corn and candy floss at bcis chrismas fair to the shelta miss. junling to help the street dogs project.

2015-06-12 : Domestic move from Beijing to Shanghai

We are proud to work with a few animal welfare NGOs in Beijing and would like to ask you not to throw away any old and unwanted clothes, bedding ,blankets , towels before your move.

We will be happy to collect your donation during the packing day and deliver to the Capital Animal Welfare Associations on your behalf.

Your donation will help thousands of homeless dogs and cats that this organization is protecting.

Thank you. The person in charges Mrs. Sun Yin and her phone number is 1860132 6080.

2015-02-25 : Our annual dinner

2014-12-15 : rules for sending pet dogs to USA

CIM would like to draw your attention to the regulations regarding the import of puppies into USA: On July 10, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published Issuance and Enforcement Guidance for Dog Confinement Agreements in the Federal Register. The guidance pertains to the issuance of confinement agreements for dogs (CDC form 75.37) imported into the United States that are not adequately immunized against rabies. The guidance became effective on August 10, 2014. You can find more information on CDC’s website at: CDC advises people who want to get a dog outside of the United States to make arrangements to delay importation until the dog is fully immunized against rabies. Puppies can be vaccinated as early as 3 months of age and must be vaccinated at least 30 days before arrival in the United States. Therefore, dogs must be at least 4 months of age to be imported to the United States, unless they are being imported from a rabies-free country. In most cases, CDC will not allow the importation of puppies that are not fully immunized against rabies. Failure to comply may result in the CDC refusing entry and the dog may have to be sent back to the dog’s country of origin at the customers expense.

2014-06-10 : NEWS

Because of the hot weather, many airline have embargo for pet shipping for many routes. British air will have embargo for any pet shipping from July 1 to August 31, 2014. Should you have any questions for pet shipping, please feel free to contact us at or 13801015647

2013-12-14 : News letter

Established in 2004, CIM Continental International Moving is a leading International moving company.
We sponsored BCIS (Beijing City International School)’s Christmas Bazaar on Nov. 31, 2013.
CIM sold candy floss to raise money for charity, which supports health check for Migrant Children. We have helped one of our clients to donate some books to this Migrant Children Foundation. The foundation successfully raised 500 RMB by selling some of the books donated by our client on this Christmas Bazaar.
CIM always takes pride in what we do, and do our best to help people whenever we can.

2013-12-10 : CIM Christmas Party

CIM Continental International Moving Staff gathered together to have our staff dinner party on Dec.9, 2013.
This month is to celebrate Christmas.
Each staff brings a dish to share with colleagues.
Shirley from Singapore brought roasted chicken legs and three home-made cakes this time. It was very tasty.
As usual, after lunch Cindy prepared Kungfu tea for everybody.
The whole CIM team had a wonderful time together.

2013-09-12 : CIM tour on 31st Aug. and 1st Sep.

CIM tour on 31st Aug. and 1st Sep.

This year all our staffs went to DUI JIU YU and Mangshan mountain natural scenic spot which in the Changping district.
The farmhouse courtyard has a fishpond surroundings of trees, flowers and rockeries which allow you to relax and enjoy the outdoor environment.

2013-07-05 : Friday July 5th, dinner party

As our company come into peak season now, everyone will be busier for the following month. Therefore the manager decided to make a dinner party. So, after work, the whole office staff went to a restaurant (Bao Yuan宝源) near to Liangmaqiao und enjoyed the delicious common dinner. Afterwards we sat in a bar, with a drink and had nice conversations until we were too tired and went home to bed.

2013-06-29 : Wednesday May 29th, KTV (with dinner)

As we all had so much fun last time during our the visit at KTV, for the month event in may we also decided, first to have dinner together and after that going to KTV again. That time it was near to Ritan Park. So we tried another one.

2013-06-28 : Friday June 28th, Badminton in Chaoyang Gymnasium

On Friday evening after work, the staff went to the Chaoyang Gymnasium to play Badminton from 6 p.m. till 8 p.m., we used this physical activity to got a free head and had a good start in the weekend.

2013-06-21 : Friday June 21th, Jiaozi (Dumpling) for all staff

For our lunch break on Friday, we prefer to take time and have a good meal all together, to left the week revue, exchange some new ideas as well as information and of course: enjoy the delicious dishes. So instead of one hour lunch break we took two. First we prepare everything, means filled the doughs with meat, crab or vegetables and boiled them in the water after that, we ate them. We made a lot of dumplings to satisfy the hunger of every single person, besides this, they had been also very tasty.

2013-06-17 : Friday June 17th , Lunch Party for Dragon Boat Festival and Farewell for Benedikt Schreiner

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three most important Festivals in China. Our company also shared these feelings together by having a common board lunch in the office and ate together the famous dish "zongzi" which means glutinous rice with dates wrapped into bamboo leaves. The taste is especially good. On the same time we had the farewell party for Benedikt Schreiner from Austria who worked for 15 months in our company before he went back home. Last he finished the German homepage for our company. We would like to thank him a lot and wish him just the best for his future.

2013-05-28 : Sunday April 28th, KTV (with dinner)

After the long work week the staff deserved a kind of reward in terms of a nice meal and enjoyment. So, first we went to a restaurant (near Yan Sha) to have dinner together and than we went to KTV, were we sang our favorite songs and had a lot of fun.

2013-04-30 : Saturday March 30th, Olimpic Forest Park, South Park

On this day, we met at 9 a.m. at the subway station from the Olympic Forest Park. All staff wear sporty dresses and some colleague brought their family including their children with them. All together we went for a big walk inside this park and chat with each other. We let rised dragons and enjoyed the beautiful day with the fresh air and looking forward to the coming spring. At noon we made a broad picnic and after that we continued our walk and fed some fishes in the river. Before all employees drove home at 14.30 o’clock, we first hired two boats for an hour, where one boat had to be towed in the end, because the gasoline was empty. It was a really nice day.

2013-04-15 : French Embassy & German Embassy

This year CIM Continental International Moving joined the Summer Fair of the French Embassy as well as took part in the Summer Fair of the German Embassy School in Beijing, again. Our staff provided especially the children with delicious popcorn and sugar mutton and gave them balloons for free. Also in this year, the most popular were the tattoo stickers, which we sold at low prices, some children couldn’t get enough tattoos on their bodies. Parents, children and our CIM staff had an enjoyable day. A lot of people were interested in our national and international moving services and the CIM staff supplied them with the information they need and provide them with some give-away-articles. This year CIM Continental International Moving joined the Summer Fair of the French Embassy as well as took part in the Summer Fair of the German Embassy School in Beijing, again. Our staff provided especially the children with delicious popcorn and sugar mutton and gave them balloons for free. Also in this year, the most popular were the tattoo stickers, which we sold at low prices, some children couldn’t get enough tattoos on their bodies. Parents, children and our CIM staff had an enjoyable day. A lot of people were interested in our national and international moving services and the CIM staff supplied them with the information they need and provide them with some give-away-articles.

2013-03-08 : The Womens Day Activity Programm - Report

CIM(Continental International Moving),

  • The Women’s Day Activity Programm - Report
  • Activity name: I am independent, I am beautiful
  • Activity time: 8 March 2013
  • Activity address: Meizhong Dongpo Restaurant, Tuanjiehu Park
  • Activity participants: All the women of the company
  • Activity program: to celebrate The Women’s Day, to activate the women’s working atmosphere, to improve the working motivation

The company used the opportunity to celebrate The Women’s Day, to honored the traditional virtues and to spread new wind into this epoch. For celebrate it, they established an activity plan. Regarding expenditures, plans, specific activity arrangements and other aspects, all employees have done a good job to improve everybody’s understanding and awareness of the importance of women’s work, which completed the rich festival atmosphere.
What the mainly activity content was, the preparation of a gift for every female employee, organization of a collective lunch with all female staff and the roller skating activity after in the park this lunch.
During these activities, all the employees worn their gift accessory and had a smile on their face. Furthermore they all talked and laughed together at that time, which will improve a good teamwork between the staff and beyond the viewpoint of work, the colleagues will be more deeply attach to each other, like sisters.
When they started the free activities, after lunch, some women chose roller skating, some chose to had a walk in the park. After the activity, everybody went back to his workplace and continued his tasks. This Women’s Day Activity end satisfactorily.


2013-01-30 : 2013 Chinese New Year holiday NOTICE

2013 Chinese New Year holiday NOTICE:

2012-08-10 : Outing to Baiyangdian from Aug 10th to Aug 12th

Summer time is always the peak season for the movers. After continuously concentrating ourselves on the never ending like jobs, we finally grabbed a flashing moment to snatch a little leisure under the pressure of heavy workload.
On Aug 10th, CIM staffs and the families started out to Baiyangdian, a waterside village in northern China, which is about 120km from Beijing, with wild ducks, blooming lotus, fishing boats, farmer houses scattered on the water and, of course, the farmer food waiting for us ahead.

We visited the Grand Lotus Garden, which is built up on the vast lake water, full of wild ducks and the various lotuses. The zigzag bridges made of wood and stones over the water led us deep into the garden. The huge statue of Guanyin Buddha, the hall in shape of a turtle, various water game facilities, everybody speeded up paces in order not to miss any wonderful sight and seeing, because the garden is really big.

The engine boat is an indispensable traffic vehicle in the local people’s life in Baiyangdian nowadays. Wherever you go, you have no other choice but to take a boat. This is of course the only vehicle which brought us into and out of Baiyangdian. Boating in Baiyangdian brought us special experience as the boat went the vast wild water densely covered by the lotus and reed.

Living in farmer house is another exciting experience. Farmer food is organic. Who said this? Handmade pan cake and buns, fresh salted duck eggs, stewed wild ducks, and more... DAMNED GOOD! Are you slavering? But be careful, while you are fressing and guzzling, mosquitos are doing the same on you.

2012-06-28 : Farewell party for Mary

Farewell party for Mary

On June 28, 2012, we had farewell party for Mary. Mary is from Germany. She is an efficient, beautiful and cool mother.
She worked for our company for more than three years, and now she is going back to Germany. The farewell party was full of flower, trophy and champagne for her.
Every body had a good time. We all gave Mary our best wishes. We hope she will remember all the time she spent here.
Mary was an excellent staff. She is sincere and nice. We all enjoyed working with her. It’s also a pleasure to get to know her.
Hope to see you again soon. Mary, Wish you all the best.

2012-05-19 : CIM Moves the Spring Fair

Last Saturday the German Embassy School hosted the German School Spring Fair, a charity project to raised funds for the Candlelight Foundation. Candlelight was founded in 1998 to help teachers in the rural areas in China.

Continental International Moving was also present and moved the children with delicious popcorn, sugar mutton and some funny toys. Continental International Moving could successfully collect more than 2500 RMB for Candlelight. With the money two Chinese schools in Beijing and Hebei will be supported.

2012-05-08 : Moving from China to Ulaanbataar, in June

CIM is doing groupage for household goods shipment to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia this coming June, 2012. If you are moving from any part of China to UB in June, we can provide you with very good service rates. Please do let CIM know if you got a shipment to UB this June, 2012, at

2012-03-26 : JVK CIM at the INN Event Leaving Beijing

On the 26th of March the International Newcomer Network Invited for its annual Event on the topic Leaving Beijing in the Capital Club Athletic Center, an information Event for everyone who plans to go from Beijing back to their country.

In the classy Atmosphere of the Club on a Sunny Monday Morning the Guests could learn everything about the process and challenges of going back home after a long stay in China. The Guests could inform themselves in outnumbered stands about the ABC of moving to other countries.

After the opening speech of the Huiling Organisation, a domestic NGO with the Goal to develop independence of people with intellectual disabilities (, Lauren Wang, expert for international Moving from our JVK CIM team informed the Guests in her speech about the necessary steps before they are bringing their beloved goods back home, and the necessity and conditions of insuring the goods before the move from Beijing.

Later Mareike Kiy, expert on Pet Relocation, gave a presentation about the art of Moving Pets. Finally Kathryn Tonges, co Author of the Book Slurping Souplead the Guests through the topic Re-Culture shock, the problems people facing which are returning back to their country after a longer stay abroad. The Event was finally closed with a relaxing Lunch-Brunch in Indian Atmosphere.

2012-03-23 : Qingming festival

CIM Continental International Moving will close for Qingming festival from April 2 to April 4th, 2012. We will work on March 31 and April 1, 2012 as normal.

2012-03-20 : Job Opening: Customer Coordinator

Customer Coordinator (Work place: Beijing. Number of persons: several)

Job Description
  • Coordinating with import/export shipment (LCL/FCL-Air/Sea)
  • Documentation management
  • Coordinating with customs and bonded transportation
  • Establishing and keeping contact with overseas agents and customers
  • Work on job site (if required)
  • Sound knowledge of English, in both speaking and writing
  • Be able to communicate with foreigners directly
  • Ambitious, hardworking
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills, sense of responsibility, be able to work under pressure
  • Bachelor degree, major in English or foreign trade will be preferred
  • Well versed in MS tools

2012-03-05 : warehouse sale

CIM Continental International Moving organized a warehouse sell on Dec. 25, 2011 to transfer the second-hand furniture as authorized by our clients. The sell brought the citizens living around and clients we had invited a lot of fun. Many of them have bought good quality furniture, household appliances, and curtains at a much lower price. All are welcomed to come and the inventory is attached here.

list1 list2

2012-03-01 : Fête de la Chandeleu

La Chandeleur of this year was quite special for Continental International Moving China (CIM Mover) because we celebrated it together with many French families at Novotel San Yuan in Beijing on Feb 4th.

The delicious crêpes, sweet hot chocolate and unlimited drinking of cider were particularly provided for all the people presented. The fresh pop corn and cotton candy made by CIM staff were very popular among the kids.

After participating the interesting competition of lancer de crêpes many families and CIM staff danced happily to the melody played by popular musicians Blackwater Everybody was immersed in the gaiety of this holiday.

2011-12-29 : warehouse sale

CIM Continental International Moving organized a warehouse sell on Dec. 25, 2011 to transfer the second-hand furniture as authorized by our clients. The sell brought the citizens living around and clients we had invited a lot of fun.

Many of them have bought good quality furniture, household appliances, and curtains at a much lower price. CIM is going to hold another sell from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on January 8th, 2012. All are welcomed to come and the inventory is attached here.

2011-12-28 : New warehouse for rental

CIM Continental Intl moving has newly furnished warehouse of 2000 square meters with loading docks for rent. We provide storage service for household articles, furniture, electrical appliance, gift, publicity materials, exhibits, sampling machine, Spare parts, documents and all kinds of import and export goods.

There is no minimum charge on storage period and area. Our warehouse is located at South East 5th Ring, next to Jingshen express way, Jinghu and Jingjintang High way, ten minutes to Yi’zhuang Development Zone. It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to get to CBD area.

Contact person: Harriet LIU 13801015647

2011-12-12 : 2012 Chinese New Year holiday NOTICE

In order to celebrate 2012 Chinese New Year, CIM Continental International Moving will be closed for 9 days from Jan 20th to 28th. Seven days of the nine is national holidays. The remaining two will reduce the staff’s annual holidays. No moving service is available during the holidays. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. If you got any urgent inquiries, please email us at INFO@CIMMOVER.COM. Please have a good holiday!

2011-12-12 : German Embassy School Summer Fair

German Embassy School Summer Fair

On June 18th, 2011, CIM Continental International Moving joined the German Embassy School Summer Fair on the school’s campus at Liangmaqiao Road in Beijing. Our staff offered pop corn and floss candies for the children who won the prizes during the fair. Tattoo stickers offered by CIM are the most popular. They are much loved by the children that some children got their bodies covered with the tattoo stickers all over.

Together with the parents, children, CIM staff also had an enjoyable summer night. Many parents went to consult our national and international moving services and the CIM Staff provided sufficient and pleasant assistance.

2011-11-29 : CIM Continental International Moving won the French Embassy’s bid to move the office.

CIM Continental International Moving won the French Embassy’s bid to move the office. CIM professional moving team spent 10 days moving 14 departments from different locations to the new Embassy’s premise from October 26, 2011. The outstanding performance of CIM's professional crew was highly appreciated by the French Embassy’s staff.

2011-11-26 : bcis chrismas bazaar

CIM Continental International Moving is proud to participate in the Christmas Charity Bazaar in BCIS School on Nov 26, 2011. CIM sponsored Christmas gift wrapping, selling cotton candy and pop corn for charity. CIM also sent a team of 14 staff members that included managers and packers. The bazaar was really interesting with different sponsor parties. Around 50 migrant children from Bowen School joined the Christmas Bazaar, with games organized by BCIS, free pop corn and cotton candy sponsored by CIM, Santa clause, the ballroom man, Mr. Magic... they had a really nice day..

CIM is really pleased to donate the income generated from the bazaar to the MFC, an organization who collects donations for migrant children. We are very happy to know that the money generated from the bazaar will allow approximately 300 migrant children to have an eye examination and be provided with glasses where necessary.