Making a Successful Office Move

Moving your office already requires skills. Making it a successful move in all aspects for your company requires brain power and smart decisions. We’ve put together advices to consider when you are planning an office move to make it effortless and to take advantages of this opportunity to improve on your company’s productivity, employee comfort and office design.

Opportunity for Change

First off, take this move as an opportunity for your company to do better and to improve on some practices. You can first evaluate your company’s work practices and see how they can be improved by creating a better suited environment for your needs and employees’ needs.

Since this will be a huge change for your company, you also need to keep your eyes on the impact it does on your company’s culture. Employees that are integrated throughout the process and that are considered while moving will feel more valued and appreciate working with you. It’s a great time to forge deeper bonds.

If your team feels more connected to you, if you set up an environment that is better suited for your employees, this will tie in with your brand identity. A brand is not only about how you project out there, but also about the company’s culture inside since the employees are the ambassadors that can best promote your brand out there.


Bring the Right Team Together

An office move will never be a solo move. You need a team inside the company to manage it, including an experienced project manager. You also need a good team out there, meaning the relocation company, design company  and real-estate company. But we’ll come back to that later. Your team needs to be flexible, complete one another and well organised. Most of the organisation will lay heavily with your PM. He will need to minimize impact and costs while staying on target with your objectives.

The rest of the team should be ideally composed of experts from different departments that are the most well suited in knowing the limits and needs of their departments.

Establish Your Company’s Priorities

When we mention priorities, we mainly aim at what you want to achieve with this move. Do you want to get a cheaper rental? Do you want to have a more efficient workspace? Do you want your offices to be more accessible? All these questions will determine the location of your office, your price fork, the local amenities and the overall design of the place. This ties in with the opportunities we mentioned earlier.


Work with Professionals

Everyone has an expertise. And it’s best to take advantage of people’s expertise to avoid costly mistakes. Choosing a location and a new office to rent should require a real-estate agent. Moving your office is best handled with a professional relocation company, whether it’s local or international. You want your project to be as effortless as possible because it will save you time, money and allow your employees to keep being productive during those changes. That’s what you should consider when hiring an expert. They need to deliver a turn-key solution with excellent services to avoid wasting your precious time and money.

Know Your Design

Once you went through the process of gathering feedback from your employees and the members of your team, you can start building the design of your new office. Again, working with an expert will be helpful and even more if you already have your design priorities sorted out. Take this chance to make your office into a lively environment that people enjoy coming in, regardless whether they are employees, clients or owners.

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